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Genital female piercing

Genital female piercings are by far the most erotic, sensual, controversial, and lately...the most popular form of bodily enhancement. There are a wide variety of reasons women choose to pierce their genetalia. Types of female piercing: horizontal and vertical hood piercing, inner and outer labia piercing, clitoral piercing, Christina piercing, Princess Albertina, triangle piercing.

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Jewelry for male genital piercing

Genital male piercing

Male Genital- There are a numerous amount of different types of piercings for male genitalia: Ampallangs- Horizontally through the head; Apadravyas- Vertically through the head; Frenum- Through the underside of the penis near the base; Scrotal Ladder- Multiple frenum piercings; Guiche- Between the rectum and the testicles; Hafadas- Testicles; Scrotal- Scrotum; Prince Albert- Through the urethra and out through the bottom of the penis; Dydoes- Through the ridge and the head, usually done in pairs Foreskin; Prince's Wands- A stainless steel tube about 3-4.5" long, hollowed out and the inner end tapered and rounded. The tube is worn in the urethra and is kept in place by a ball-ended stud worn through Prince Albert, Ampallangs, or Apadravyas piercings and screwed into the Wand.

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